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ICT Solutions & Maintenance Services
We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your specific needs.
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ICT & Data Center Professional Cleaning Services
ICT & Data Center Professional Cleaning Services Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals possesses a deep understanding of the ISO-14644 Standard, enabling us to perform thorough cleaning procedures that effectively eliminate contaminants, particles, and potential sources of contamination.
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In-Building Mobile Booster Solution
We are here to provide site assessment and recommendation for In Building Mobile Signal improvement. In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, seamless mobile connectivity is essential for businesses and individuals alike.
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Commercial M&E Solution and Products
With our comprehensive suite of products, you can transform your data centre infrastructure into a robust, efficient, and secure environment.
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Welcome to the official website of

Advance Power Engineering Sdn Bhd

APE incorporate in year 2012, formally known as Advance Engineering Enterprise. As now, we are not only actively provide for M&E engineering solution for ICT, yet we also extend our services to M&E Infrastructure Maintenance Services and to Critical Operation Environment Cleaning Services, aiming for a “one-stop solution center” to continue serving both our existing and potential customer.

ICT M&E Solutions

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team of competent and experienced engineers leads the way in Audit & Consultancy, conducting in-depth research and discussions to fully grasp your requirements and provide detailed reports or designs accordingly. With a focus on M&E Infrastructure Solution, we tailor designs to your specifications through collaborative meetings.

The Importance of ICT M&E for Malaysian Companies

Performance Assessment
and Improvement

ICT M&E allows companies to assess the performance of their ICT systems, infrastructure, and projects. This evaluation helps in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By analyzing performance data, companies can make informed decisions to enhance their ICT strategies, optimize processes, and drive efficiency.


M&E in ICT helps companies allocate resources effectively. By analyzing data on resource usage, companies can identify overutilized or underutilized resources, allowing them to reallocate investments strategically. This ensures that resources such as hardware, software, and human capital are utilized optimally to achieve organizational goals.

Cost Management
and Budgeting

Through ICT M&E, companies can track the costs associated with ICT projects, operations, and maintenance. This data is invaluable for budget planning and management. It enables organizations to allocate funds appropriately, control expenses, and justify investments in ICT infrastructure and innovations.


M&E in ICT helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in systems and processes. By detecting weaknesses early on, companies can proactively address security threats, technical failures, and other risks. This proactive approach minimizes the impact of potential disruptions and ensures business continuity.

Compliance and

In various industries, companies are required to comply with regulatory standards and guidelines related to data privacy, security, and performance. ICT M&E allows organizations to monitor their compliance with these standards and maintain accountability. Demonstrating adherence to regulations is crucial for building trust with customers, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

Innovation and
Future Planning

Through continuous monitoring and evaluation, companies can identify emerging trends and technologies in the ICT landscape. This knowledge allows organizations to adapt, innovate, and strategically plan for the future, ensuring they remain competitive and at the forefront of technological advancements.

Dream Big, Inspiring Solutions

"Advance Power Engineering Sdn Bhd (APE) is an innovative total engineering solutions company, committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. We exceed expectations with creative and reliable solutions, while embracing sustainability and collaboration. Choose APE for a better tomorrow."
Ck Chia
CEO & Founder