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In-Building Mobile Booster Solution

How can we help you?

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, seamless mobile connectivity is essential for businesses and individuals alike. However, in-building mobile signal issues can lead to frustrating disruptions and hinder productivity.

We are here to provide Worry-free Solution to encounter mobile signal issue…

  • With engineer on-site assessment
  • We provide solution and recommendation

*Important Note:
MCMC set a new rule in 2018, only Telco (i.e. Maxis, Digi, Celcom, U Mobile and etc.) have right to install Mobile Signal Booster system for customer. To comply with this new rule, our SIRIM / MCMC certificate for mobile signal booster was discontinued effectively from this July 2018, due to Telco complain to MCMC that many interference case happen recently.

*Information source from Soyacincau:

  1. How to get a cellular booster legally?
    As mentioned by the MCMC earlier, consumers must first lodge a complaint with their respective telcos before they are able to get a booster or repeater. Not all Quality of Service issues can be solved with a CBR and the issue might be caused by network congestion. Telcos will need to evaluate every complaint and address the problems accordingly.

    The MCMC added that there’s no standard pricing for the CBR and some telcos may offer it for free to address the customer’s complaint. However, this is only applicable if the customer meets the telco’s requirement.

  2. What if the telco refuses to offer the booster?
    If a telco refuses to offer CBRs to a customer, they must first explain the root cause of the problem as the CBR on its own may not solve the issue. Consumers are urged to file a complaint against the telco via the MCMC Aduan portal if the telco continues not to provide an acceptable level of service. The commission will evaluate and investigate the complaint and will resolve the issue together with the telco.
Feedback and sharing from many of our customer, when they facing telco signal issue, the Complaints Process normally consume a long time while waiting for the real action to be taken.

Our Solutions

  • To assist our customer for site pre-assessment to simplify the Process from Step 1 to Step 3.
  • To provide customer solutions to enhance and improve the telco signal.
  • Service Availability: Residential, Hotel, Basement Car Park, High Rise Commercial Building / Office

Technical information for sharing:

  • Quality mobile signal booster will be able to control the noise gain to avoid the interference if the initial booster setting and installation is done correctly.
  • Actually, in most of the cases that cause interference, it could be avoided by setting the booster within the power threshold and/or keep the booster proper maintain.
  • From time to time, telco provider may upgrade their system. For example, after the band reshuffling during 2017, telco upgrade and/or built new infrastructure to utilize their new allocated band, and this new infrastructure may be too near to the mobile signal booster system at your location, this may cause interference to telco signal also.
  • It is recommended to check and reconfigure the mobile booster periodically, especially if  you notice any new telco infrastructure nearby.

Site Assessment for in-building mobile signal enhancement